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  • Phylactery — may mean:* Phylactery, Greek term for tefillin, leather boxes worn on the arm and head during certain Jewish services * Phylactery, an amulet to protect the wearer from harm * Phylactery, in fantasy fiction, an object used by a lich to contain… …   Wikipedia

  • Phylactery — Phy*lac ter*y, n.; pl. {Phylacteries}. [OE. filateri, OF. filatire, filatiere, F. phylact[ e]re, L. phylacterium, Gr. ?, fr. ? a watcher, guard, ? to watch, guard. Cf. {Philatory}.] 1. Any charm or amulet worn as a preservative from danger or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • phylactery — index reminder Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • phylactery — late 14c., small leathern box containing four O.T. texts, from O.Fr. filatiere (12c.), from L.L. phylacterium reliquary, from Gk. phylacterion safeguard, amulet, properly neuter of adjective phylakterios serving as a protection, from phylakter… …   Etymology dictionary

  • phylactery — [fi lak′tər ē] n. pl. phylacteries [ME filaterie < ML phylaterium < LL(Ec) phylacteria (used for Heb tefilin, pl. of tefila, prayer < root pll, to pray, entreat < Gr phylaktērion, a safeguard < phylassein, to defend, guard >… …   English World dictionary

  • phylactery — phylacteric /fil ak ter ik/, phylacterical, adj. phylacteried, adj. /fi lak teuh ree/, n., pl. phylacteries. 1. Judaism. either of two small, black, leather cubes containing a piece of parchment inscribed with verses 4 9 of Deut. 6, 13 21 of Deut …   Universalium

  • phylactery — noun (plural teries) Etymology: Middle English philaterie, from Medieval Latin philaterium, alteration of Late Latin phylacterium, from Greek phylaktērion amulet, phylactery, from phylassein to guard, from phylak , phylax guard Date: 14th century …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • phylactery — noun /fɪˈlaktəɹi/ a) Either of the two small leather cases, containing biblical scrolls, worn by Jewish men at morning prayer; the tefilla. They sett abroade there philateris, and make large borders on there garmenttes, and love to sytt… …   Wiktionary

  • Phylactery Factory — Infobox Album Name = Phylactery Factory Type = Album Artist = White Hinterland Released = March 2008 Recorded = February 2007 Genre = Indie pop Length = 48:57 Label = Dead Oceans Producer = Adam Selzer Reviews = * Crawdaddy! (favorable)… …   Wikipedia

  • phylactery — Synonyms and related words: Agnus Dei, Holy Grail, Host, Pieta, Sanctus bell, Sangraal, amulet, ark, asperger, asperges, aspergillum, bambino, beadroll, beads, candle, censer, chaplet, charm, ciborium, cross, crucifix, cruet, eucharistial, fetish …   Moby Thesaurus

  • phylactery — (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun A small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power: amulet, charm, fetish, juju, periapt, talisman. See SUPERNATURAL …   English dictionary for students

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